Tech Specs

Grand Piano:

tuned on day of performance

Drum Kit:

standard jazz type kit, preferably Gretsch or Ludwig brand drums:

small bass drum (20")
snare with stand (14”)
1 rack tom (12” or 13”, NOT power toms)
floor tom (14” or 16”)

(Please note mic stand for floor tom must be freestanding, NOT clip-on, as I use the full circumference of this drum's rim in performance.)

all coated skins (prefer white Ambassadors)
please NO pinstripe or smooth drumheads

hi hat stand
2 cymbal stands (1 with boom)
bass drum pedal
drum carpet

ride cymbal }
crash cymbal } all preferably Zildian
hi hat cymbals }

Bass Amp:

Preferably Gallien Krueger 400RB or 800RB, otherwise Laney RB9, Trace Elliott, Ampeg, SWR (but NOT SM-900 or SM-1500), Euphonic.

Bass Speaker:

4x10", preferably Hartke, otherwise Ampeg, SWR, Trace Elliot, Mark Bass, Bergantino, Hughes & Kettner, EV, JBL, Peavey, Laney, NOT Gallien Krueger.

Contrabass: (Required for ALL performances outside Australia and North America):
3/4 to full size 4-string acoustic contrabass in good working order, with extendable tail-pin of sufficient length as to allow instrument to be played standing up by 182 cm (6 foot) tall player. Jazz strings (prefer gut on G and D) and setup, not classical. With or without transducer. Prefer "D" neck. I will bring my own bow. Any questions, please contact Lloyd Swanton at in plenty of time.
Stage Plot: Click here to download a PDF of The Necks' stage setup.