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CD, 2013

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"one of the most mesmerizing records of the year: an hour-long, labyrinthine, uninterrupted dream"


"A living masterwork for those with open ears"

- The Music

"It's almost hard to imagine that three people could come together to make something this beautiful, this sure of itself, this happy to take this much time to unfold. It's flawless."

- Off The Tracks



LP, 2011

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The Necks' first-ever LP. Heavy virgin vinyl.

"A bold journey through light and dark" (4 stars)
-Rolling Stone

4 stars
-The Guardian


CD, 2011

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"A bold journey through light and dark" (4 stars)
-Rolling Stone

4 stars
-The Guardian


CD, 2009

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"Head and shoulders above the rest...the finest studio album in their 22-year history"
-Sydney Morning Herald

"The Necks are among the world’s most consistently great exponents of improvised music"

5 stars
-The Guardian (UK)


CD, 2007

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Recorded live.

"Luxurious" (4 stars)
–The Times (UK)

"Lush to the point of denseness, this is also The Necks at their most lyrical...After a Necks gig people are often overheard debating which CD to buy. I'd now recommend the luxuriant beauty of Townsville."
–Sydney Morning Herald


CD, 2006

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Winner ARIA Best Jazz Album Award 2006.

"A better title for this CD would be Alchemist, because The Necks have yet again succeeded in turning base metals into gold."

Mosquito/See Through

2xCD, 2004

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"Among the Necks recordings you actually would go back to rescue from a house fire"
–The Wire

"The real deal...Anyone can play around with sound - but The Necks know how to sculpt it into a stunning work of art."
–The Guardian (UK)


CD, 2003

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Recorded live in concert in Moscow in 2002, this album is only available through this website.

Drive By

CD, 2003

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Winner ARIA Best Jazz Album Award 2004.

"This is The Necks' masterpiece"
–The Wire

Athenaeum, Homebush, Quay & Raab

4xCD, 2002

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This 4-disk set was recorded live in Australia and Europe.

"Fans who already know that no two Necks improvisations are alike, will definitely want to invest in this set. The magic works every time."
–All Music Guide


CD, 2001

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Hanging Gardens

CD, 1999

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"Mesmerising, grandiose music from one of the best bands on the planet"
–The Guardian (UK)

The Boys

CD, 1998

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1998, Wild Sound/MDS; reissued 2004 on Fish of Milk. Nominated Best Soundtrack Album, ARIA Awards and Australian Guild of Screen Composers Awards.

"Haunting stuff...Highly recommended" (4 stars)
–Rolling Stone (Australia)

Piano, Bass, Drums

CD, 1998

Out of stock.

The Necks Live in Australia.  Nominated Jazz Recording of the Year, ABC Classic FM Awards.

"Great, boundary-crossing music"
–Juice (Australia)

Silent Night

2xCD, 1996

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"The Necks create mood music of the highest calibre. Compelling and beautiful music that repays repeated listening" (4 stars)
–Rolling Stone (Australia)


CD, 1994

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Also released USA: Carpet Bomb, 1999.

"Real splendour... a hugely mature album, a rare spark of brilliance... a marvel"
–The Wire (UK)


CD, 1990

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"Sublime. Six pieces, all of them beautifully played and perfectly controlled"
–Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)


CD, 1989

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Also released USA: Private Music, 1996.

Now back in stock.

"An underwater dive into gentle currents...Radical- but in a seductive way...has its own smooth magic..."
–Jazzthetik (Germany)



The sizings of the t-shirts vary slightly depending on the design.

All are square-cut unisex shape except the Female M in SWISS choc brown and THENECKS (black)

SWISS choc brown & THENECKS (Black) t-shirts are half chest x length (neck to hem):

  • S - 50cm x 68cm (approx 20" x 27")
  • M - 53cm x 70cm (approx 21" x 28")
  • L - 56cm x 74cm (approx 22" x 29")
  • XL - 58.5cm x 78cm (approx 23" x 31")
  • Female M - 43cm X 58cm (approx 17" X 23")

THENECKS (Blue) and the meals_ t-shirts are half chest x length (neck to hem):

  • S - 46cm x 71cm (approx 18" x 28")
  • M - 51cm x 74cm (approx 20" x 29")
  • L - 56cm x 79cm (approx 22" x 31")
  • XL - 61cm x 79cm (approx 24" x 31")


Click on any t-shirt image to view an enlarged detail.


Swiss choc brown


THENECKS (black)




the meals_